Wood carving into an art

LARCNC stands at the forefront of the wood decorating industry

LARCNC stands as a lamp that shines for innovation and craftsmanship in the field of decorating wooden doors. With a deep dedication to improving spaces and raising the aesthetic level, LARCNC specializes in turning ordinary doors into attractive focal points that harmonize with elegance and charm. By seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, we redefine the art of door decoration, offering tailor-made solutions that match the unique preferences and needs of our customers.
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Our mission

At LARCNC, our mission is to explore the potential of wooden doors, bringing an artistic touch and exquisite details to create long-lasting impressions. We are driven by a passion for Excellence, a commitment to quality, and a relentless pursuit of innovation, ensuring that every door we decorate becomes a masterpiece that expresses the elegance and style of its owner.

Finishing and installation

Finishing and installation: LARCNC provides comprehensive solutions, including professional finishing and installation services. Our experienced craftsmen finish each door very carefully using high-quality pigments, varnishes or paint colors, enhancing its beauty and durability. In addition, a skilled installation team ensures smooth integration into the intended space, ensuring a flawless final result.

Carving doors with CNC technology

Using state-of-the-art CNC (computer digital control) technology, LARCNC pushes the boundaries of decorating wooden doors with precision carving capabilities. Whether it's intricate carvings, ornate carvings, or custom designs, our CNC machines ensure impeccable detail and consistency, elevating the design appeal of every door we decorate.

Custom wooden door design

Larcnc specializes in the design of custom wooden doors, offering personalized solutions that reflect the individual taste and style of our customers. From traditional to contemporary, from intricate carvings to simple elegant designs, our skilled team of craftsmen and designers work closely with clients to realize their visions with precision and craftsmanship.

Why you should choose us

Customer satisfaction
We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction at every step of the process, with excellent customer service and a unique experience for each customer.
Experience and creativity
Our team has years of experience in the field of decorating wooden doors, which guarantees amazing and unique results.
Comprehensive customization
We offer completely customized solutions to accurately meet the needs of our customers, with a team of experts ready to realize any design vision.
High quality
We guarantee high quality in every work we do, from design to finishing, using the best materials and modern technologies.

What They Said About Us


Ahmed malik

“LARCNC is the perfect choice for the brand. The experience working with them was innovative and delightful. They were able to transform our doors into stunning pieces that are a wonderful ode to our identity.”

“The LARCNC team surprised me with their exceptional skill in decorating wooden doors. The result was much better than I expected, and I am grateful to them for making my home look more elegant and luxurious.”





“I would highly recommend LARCNC to anyone looking for stunning wood antiques. My experience with them was excellent, from the first consultation to the final installation, and I am very happy with the result of the work.”

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At LARCNC, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We source our wood from responsibly managed forests and prioritize environmentally friendly materials and processes in all our activities. By reducing waste, reducing the carbon footprint and adopting sustainable practices, we strive to
From luxurious master doors decorated with intricate carvings to elegant contemporary designs with delicate motifs, the LARCNC portfolio showcases a variety of wooden door decoration projects across the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. Each door is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation and timeless elegance.